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Information System

We produce customized systems for desktop platform.

Customized Website

Custom sites is our specialty. Customize your site.

Consulting Software Engineering

We provide consulting in the area of Software Engineering by assisting in the identification of the Organization in the best way to make software.


Meet some of our developed products.

Emicro 2014

Web System

Cricte 2014

Web System

Emicro 2015

Web System

Sistema Ponto

Desktop System

Gerenciador Pampatec

Web System


Training for Agile Teams


The Ideiah Software Solutions is a Junior Junior Company for educational purposes that began in early 2012. Currently, provides custom software development services, with quality and high added value to the customer. Learn a little of our history.

  • 2012


    Motivated by concepts practices learned in the classroom, students of the Software Engineering course founded the first junior company software production region, called Ideiah Soluções em Software Júnior.

  • 2012-2014

    First steps

    The first projects were executed where it was possible to consolidate the practices learned in the classroom.

  • 2015

    Transition to agile metodology

    Agile practices were for management and planning software projects were adopted. This made it possible to get a structure and regimented process, where you can share projects in cycles, define the roles involved in the development and mainly enhance the interaçõeses and customer involvement in the project.

  • 2015-2016

    Agile projects and experimentation lab design

    Now all projects are developed using agile practices. Moreover, it was understood that the environment Ideiah is potentially a research laboratory for experimentation in software engineering, where many academics use this space to experiment in practice theories seen in class.

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Our Team

WORK to grow. INNOVATION to create solutions. TECHNOLOGY to add quality. Responsibility for the customer and the community. personal, organizational and regional GROWTH. Meet the team that respects these values.

Guilherme Camargo

Developer - Academic Software Engineering in Federal University of Pampa

Jonas Chagas

Developer - Academic Software Engineering in Federal University of Pampa

Rafael Beltran

Developer - Academic Computer Science in Federal University of Pampa

Pedro Henrique

CTO - Academic Software Engineering in Federal University of Pampa

Peterson Rodrigues

CEO - Academic Software Engineering in Federal University of Pampa

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